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We belonged to Andhra Kshatriya Rajus, migrated from coastal Andhra Pradesh via Vizagapatam, East and West Godavari, Krishna and Guntur Districts of Vijayanagar Empire as requested by King Krishna devaraya of Vijayanagar Dynasty in 1515AD to maintain law and order in Pandya and Chola Kingdoms to protect from foreign mohamedian foes.

As in Andhra Pradesh Kshatriya Rajus, we are also having Four GOTRAS viz., Vasista, Dhananjaya, Kasyappa and kaundinya .There are more than 100 house names under the above Gotras in Andhra Pradesh. But in Rajapalayam, we are having only 12, 9, 3 and 2 house names under the above Four Gotras.

In Rajapalayam, there are Four Savadis, Palayapalayam, Sakkaraja Kottai, Singaraja Kottai and Pachamadam. Rajapalayam origin Rajus are settled in Rajapalayam, Sankaran kovil, Tenkasi, Theni, Ambasamudram, Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi and different parts of India and also abroad. But for engagement / Nichayartham, we have tradition to register the bride / bridegroom names in Savadis.

We are extending our service to all Rajus of our four Savadis, irrespective of the place where they resides.


Our Mission is to serve the Genuine Rajapalayam Kshatriya Rajus of Surya Vamsam and to help the needy to find the Right Partner .The service is voluntary and free to our community people living not only in Rajapalayam but also different parts of our country and abroad.


We do our service free of cost for the benefit of our people. Those who want our service, they have to write us and furnish details which will be scrutinized in order to ascertain whether they belonged to our FOUR SAVADIS of Rajapalayam. It is necessary to give two reference persons from whom we will collect necessary information to pass the same to parents of bride / bridegroom to know more about the family.

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